Top 7 Advantages of Buying a Tilting Skillet

Advantages of Buying a Tilting Skillet

Prepping, cooking, and serving food for a large audience can be daunting. Not only does this need to uniformly taste good, but it needs to be properly used and cooked with sanitary conditions to ensure people do not get ill. Whenever you don’t have the ideal culinary tools to utilize, it can lead to issues when creating food in huge quantities. It isn’t important if you’re a world-class chef or an occasional volunteer; if you don’t make the food efficiently and safely, it won’t end well. One thing you ought to think about is purchasing a tilting skillet. This is also known as a braising pan and it can cook large amounts of food and tilts forward for easy transfer of food. Are you interested in tilting skillets? Tilting skillets is one of the most useful commercial restaurant equipment for the food business. Then keep reading. We’ll inform you about 7 advantages of owning one.

  1. They’re Extremely Versatile

When you work in a kitchen, there are different pots, pans, and devices for different cooking procedures. The need to get out of various tools and devices can not only waste time but also, clutter your working space. A tilting skillet is very versatile. Rather than 10 pieces of equipment, you simply need one. It can fry, steam, grill, simmer, boil, sauté, braise, hold, and proof. Amazing, right?! This means if you have to cook different foods in multiple events, all you have to do is bring your tilt skillet with you. As soon as you’re done making one batch of meals, just clean off it and make anything else you want to cook.

  1. They Are Very Safe

Kitchens are notorious for bumps, bruises, cuts, and much more. You are working with hot objects and sharp equipment, after all. Among the best things about tilting skillets is they are very safe to function. In reality, you don’t need any previous culinary training or expertise to use one! As a consequence, you may grab anyone on your staff and have them man the skillet, even when they have never cooked a meal in their life. The leaning mechanic also adds for their safeness. When you are shifting the hot foods, you won’t have to come into contact with the meals at all. This means there is practically no chance of you burning yourself.

  1. They Are Super-Efficient

With electric stoves, you will need to wait around a little for them to warm up before you can begin cooking. All those minutes standing about waiting for your stove to get hot can easily add up. Tilting skillets will heat super quick, meaningless standing around, and more cooking time. Less wait time for meals means happier customers and clients. They are also very effective concerning energy usage. Due to the way they’re designed, there is hardly any heat loss. This means the surface warmth is more uniform and less energy is used to keep it hot then the other commercial restaurant equipment.

  1. They’re Compact

You may think that just because a tilting skillet can cook food on a massive scale means they are humongous. But you are wrong! You can obtain a 40-gallon tilting skillet and it has a very small footprint. Producers make them in counter variations, which take up much less space. So if you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you’re still able to effectively cook large batches of food by using a skillet.

  1. They Cook Food Evenly

It’s annoying when you’re preparing meals for the masses and one side of a batch is piping hot, but another is barely cooked. This can reflect badly on your organization and harm your reputation. When you invest in a tilting skillet, you’re investing in your future. Though they can cook up to 60 gallons of food, you can rest assured that every single piece of food will be cooked evenly. You can control the cooking temperature accurately between 100 to 450 degrees. Another advantage of using a tilting skillet is that the flavors and nutrients are retained for optimal flavor.

  1. You Can Transfer Food Readily

As we have mentioned above, you can transfer food from the skillet to pans easily, without having to come in contact with the skillet itself. Since the pan sits in a bracket in front of the leaning skillet, all you have to do is tilt the skillet and scoop or put the food into the pan. Not only are you able to transfer food more easily, but you may do it faster with fewer losses as well. If you add up all these variables, you are saving money!

  1. They Are Easy to Clean

There is nothing worse than spending hours slaving away at cooking, then having to put in more elbow grease to scrub the pots, pans, and equipment. But with a tilting skillet, you won’t need to worry about all that extra effort. The tilting feature is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does this make cooking simpler, but cleaning too! All you need to do is tilt the pan forward, drain any oil and dirt, and then clean off the skillet itself. Some even come with attached taps so cleaning is a breeze.

Get a Tilting Skillet for Your Business

As you can see, a tilting skillet can be a massive advantage to your own business, even if you don’t run a restaurant. Businesses that may serve food to a massive group of people (such as hotels, hospitals, and schools) can streamline things much better with one of these in their arsenal. So if you’ve been attempting to figure out the logistics of serving meals on a large scale, consider investing in a skillet. It’ll increase your Efficiency so much you will wonder how you ever got by without one! If you are interested in purchasing a commercial tilting skillet for your business, then take a look at the Texas Restaurant Supply selection today.

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