Things To Consider While Hiring Moving Company For Retirees

Hiring Moving Company For Retirees

Moving is not just for the young, seniors and retirees move for many reasons. What stays the same, however, is that moving is a difficult and lengthy procedure. Packing, unpacking, coordinating, and finding the perfect company can take weeks or months. But, by hiring a moving company that offers services especially for seniors, you can create this process a great deal simpler. Whether you are going to be nearer to family, downsize your house, or find warmer weather, below are some of the many matters seniors should look for in a moving company.


The most important thing any older should search for in a moving company is that they offer full service moving from beginning to the end. Seniors oftentimes do not have the energy or ability to help the movers out just like most people. This does not mean doing the actual moving, but with the little things, a lot of folks don’t consider it.

A full-service moving company needs to:

  • Pack and Unpack Your Stuff:

Many professional moving companies provide packing and unpacking services for an affordable fee. The professional packers will safely and immediately put your complete stuff in which you want to move into boxes. This may also eliminate another issue: finding the boxes themselves. When the moving company does the packing, you won’t have to worry about collecting boxes and other moving supplies.

  • Reassemble Your Furniture:

It’s great when the moving business moves your table to your brand new residence, but are they likely to help you put it back together? A full-service moving company will. Make sure they know how to reassemble any specialized items you have. They should know just what to do, especially if they’re the ones disassembling.

  • Clean:

Many full service moving companies will assist seniors out by tidying up the home after they leave. This is especially true if they’re unpacking your boxes too. However, you cannot ever be sure; be certain that you talk about it with them first.


Moving companies that cater to seniors will oftentimes have a coordinator to work with you and urge you for your requirements. A professional coordinator is necessary for the reason that you probably will not be there on moving day with all the movers. A planner will stand in your place through moving day. Before the big day, you’ll sit down together with the coordinator and discuss where you need everything to go to your new house and how you want it to look. Be certain that you describe everything the best that you can! The coordinator might take pictures of your present home décor and organize your stuff from the room. Moving takes all day and is a tiring process, with a professional coordinator, you can ensure everything is done correctly while you relax and observe it happening.


Another important consideration for seniors when selecting a moving company is their trustworthiness. Never hire a moving company that is not firmly established in the community. Even better, ask your loved one’s members and friends who they have used for their moves. A moving company should have an established place of business, site, and committed personnel. Do not hire just anyone to handle your stuff.

Trustworthiness is uniquely important for seniors because you will be handing over the keys to your homes and departing the moving company will reign. That is if you don’t intend to continue watching them over the multi-day procedure. It’s simple for movers to steal items or valuables during a move without you noticing. Moves are hectic and missing items are gone readily undetected. Thieves are also more inclined to steal in the older, believing they are easy prey. Of course, no reputable moving company would ever steal away from their customers, but nevertheless, be skeptical of moving companies without company roots in the area.


In case you still are uncomfortable about having strangers manage your most precious possessions or belongings, consider hiring a company that is going to make a list of your items. This procedure should not be too much of a hassle for your moving company, particularly if they are those packing. During the packing process, the packer should write down everything that went into every box and provide a copy for you. This way, even when a rogue employee does decide to walk away with something which isn’t his, you will have documentation in the moving company themselves.


Many seniors and retirees will choose to go on vacation or take a day trip out of town throughout the move. That way, when you return you can go straight to your new, furnished home. If that is something you plan on doing, make sure your moving company is ready to keep in constant communication with you. They should immediately contact you with updates, issues, and any questions they may have. The company should also be inclined to come out the day following and be certain that everything is how you expected it to be.


Moving companies that specialize in helping seniors are used to offering these services to their customers. They ought to be willing and able to talk you through their specialized process. But not all companies do; if a company seems confused or unwilling to offer these basic services, move on to somebody else. You have worked hard for many years and deserve to relax with no stress and challenges of moving. By hiring a moving company that specializes in senior moving, you’ll find it to be quite a pleasant and stress-free experience. Getting older has its own perks after all!

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