The Top Things To Look For in Commercial Shoe Scraper Mat

Shoe Scraper Mat

We might find ourselves living on a dirty planet, but that doesn’t mean we have to happily welcome grime in our facilities or buildings. Without appropriate matting, such as a shoe scraper mat, our buildings can go from immaculate to dingy in a short period.

“Facilities with foot traffic of up to 1,000 people every day will have approximately 24 lbs of dirt monitored during 20 days. Matting can lessen that number drastically.

Not only will tracked-in dirt subtract from the beauty of your building but also a dingy entry area can also create a negative first impression for visitors. People today suppose that if the company owner does not care, why should they?

Safety First

When combined with damp weather, tracked-in dirt may threaten the safety of anyone walking indoors, leading to slips, trips, and falls. The U.S. Department of Labor reports slips, falls and trips comprise the majority of general

Industry accidents account for as many as 15 percent of accidental deaths per year, the second-leading cause behind vehicles. Moreover, tracked-in dirt is an ideal provider for a wide array of damaging bacteria.

For buildings needed to maintain industry standards, entrance matting and scraper mats might help.

Mats should be provided to minimize foreign particles which might become harmful to pedestrians particularly on hard smooth floors, from being tracked on flooring”

The Solution: Scraper Mats

Top-level scraper mats offer appealing design features in addition to a high rate of water absorption for all weather conditions leading to maximum debris removal. Factors to consider include work (mild, moderate, or heavy-duty), depth, environment (indoor or outdoor), and level of visitors and relaxation.

Outdoor boot scraper mats supply the first line of defense for your building in the war on dirt. We offer several options. Slip Guard with Grit-Step scraper mats shield against dirt with its high-low scraping design. This mat has a silicon carbide grit surface for added traction. Though used mostly outdoors, Slip Guard may be used inside and hosed off for simple cleaning.

Ideal for indoor use, a rubber-backed entrance mat is used in mild to moderate traffic areas. The increased, crushproof waffle pattern scratches and cleans. Intended for medium to heavy traffic, the mat also offers a classic, increased, crushproof waffle pattern which aggressively beams and cleans along with the CTE and molded rubber “cleats” on the underside.

The scraper mat eradicates dirt and muck in the base and sides of boots and shoes. Durable yet flexible rubber fingers immediately remove debris before it can be tracked indoors. The Boot Scraper can be intended to be bolted down in a permanent position, yet is lightweight enough to maneuver when required.

Dirty boots and shoes might be a daily fact of life, but your construction does not need to suffer an unpleasant look, dangerous conditions, or worn-down flooring when you select superior scraper mats.

A scraper mat is one product solution to averting the two of these events on your facility throughout the year. See below the features and benefits that showcase just a few reasons why your facility should have a scraper mat.

It Is A Cleaning Aid

Keeping your facility clean helps preserve a look of professionalism. one thing many business owners fail to understand is that the floor cleaning procedure can (and should) start in the workplace and continue all day long!

When you set a scraper mat out of your workplace entrance, the mat clears scrape dirt and debris out of the bottoms of shoes hence the name. All an individual has to do is walk on the mat. It is that easy! The less dirt that gets tracked into your facility, the cleaner it will look. Additionally, it is going to make the janitorial team’s work easier so that they can do a comprehensive job efficiently and fast.

It’s A Security Feature

On a rainy or snowy afternoon, water is very likely to be monitored inside your facility as each staff member enters it. All that debris and water which gets left on the ground is a serious slip and fall hazard. Purchasing a scraper mat lowers the odds of encountering one of these costly litigations. The mat prevents water and other fluids from being carried within the facility, helping to keep the floors dry and safe for employees to walk. It’s All About Mat Safety!

That is because the cleated layout is two-fold:

  • Removes water & dirt
  • Traps it within the mat/allows the water to operate harmlessly off the sides

Featured Scraper Mats

We are proud to provide two highly effective scraper mats to your facility: The mats are durable & launderable Nitrile rubber for maximum performance and professional screen. Not only are they slide-resistant entrance mats, but also the chemical-resistant, oil & grease-proof making makes them ideal for hazardous workspaces within your facility too.

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