The Special Items You Can Not Trust Anyone To move

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It is important to prepare for any move whether it’s local, regional, international or global. Many people mistakenly assume that items such as Pianos, antiques and high-end electronics, as well as wine, electronics, or other items, can be moved by almost any mover or stored anywhere. These are just a few of the many items that you may have in your home, and they might not be able to be moved by someone who doesn’t have the right training or is without proper humidity control.

Special storage is required for items that are susceptible to extreme temperatures and humidity. Wine collections, art, and antiques made from wood like a grandfather clock all fall under this category. Some items that need special handling in a move include large or awkwardly shaped objects like yard sculptures or heavy pieces such as pianos.

Some professional moving companies do not have the necessary equipment to safely move these items. Make sure you can move any unique or special items before hiring a professional moving company. We have the equipment to move heavy or large items such as cranes, motorized hand trucks and wheeled carts.

Pre-move surveys should include detailed information about how the company can store and move these items. This will allow you to plan for what to expect on your moving day.

We should first define climate and temperature-controlled storage before we get into detail. This is because it has an immediate effect on many of these items.

Climate-controlled Storage A facility that maintains a specific temperature range all year. Climate-controlled storage also regulates humidity and moisture levels within the building. This equipment includes central heat, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Temperature-controlled storage temperature control is when the temperature can be controlled within a certain range. In 90 degree weather, the temperature inside a temperature-controlled warehouse will be kept at 75 degrees and never exceed 80 degrees. This is true even in winter when temperatures will never drop below 55 degrees, regardless of how cold it is outside.

Temperature-controlled storage is a great option if you need to store items for a long time and protect them from extreme temperatures.

Fine Art

Climate-controlled storage is essential for valuable art collections.

Art is sensitive to temperature and humidity. This can lead to damage from physical stress and the dangers of mold or fungi. Problems caused by improper storage include warping, cracking or yellowing as well as disintegration.

Even if your art doesn’t have any technical value, but is still valuable to you, such as your grandmother’s fruit bowl paintings, or your children’s first attempts at a Jackson Pollock-style masterpiece, you want to protect it during transport and storage.

Art collections require temperature control in addition to humidity. Experts in fine arts recommend that artwork be stored in units with temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees.

Even if you don’t have any Picassos in your collection of art and craft supplies, there may be items that need special storage and moving considerations. To prevent mold, fading and moth infestations, fabrics need to be protected from moisture.


You probably already know the approximate weight of a piano.

Pianos are one of the most common items to move and store.

Professional moving teams are required for this reason. A piano’s weight can cause damage to your floors during a move. Even a single corner of a piano that is this heavy can cause damage to your floors or worse, injure you.

Pianos can be both very heavy and fragile. Pianos are expensive, beloved family members. Treat them with care and respect.

After your piano has been safely removed from your home, you need to store it in a climate-controlled place. Without climate control, pianos can sustain moisture damage to their keys, strings and wooden components.

The expansion of moisture can cause the piano’s wooden legs to buckle if it is allowed to sit for too long. Even invisible moisture can cause piano damage. The pins can be corroded by moisture from moist winter weather or humid summer days. Moisture that hasn’t been ventilated from the storage unit can eventually cause mold. This mold can make your piano smell very bad and you won’t want it in your home ever again.

Wine collections

Wine collections are a major investment. They are usually saved for special occasions so make sure to include them in your list of items that need special moving assistance and storage requirements. Without climate control, wine cannot survive in storage units or warehouses. Wines can turn and spoil if they are exposed to temperatures above 75 degrees.

It is important to store precious collections in glass bottles safely and move them carefully. It is important to properly place a wine collection in a moving truck. It is important to ensure that all items, particularly fragile and specialty items, don’t move during the driving process.


Every household appliance we use every day has electrical components and mechanical equipment. Washers, dryers and refrigerators all need protection from extreme temperature and humidity. Copper wires and metal pipes can rust or fall apart from prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures and moisture.

Mold is the biggest reason to keep these valuable items in a temperature-controlled or controlled environment.

People often think that their appliances are properly dried, but they don’t always do it right before they go. Appliances such as a refrigerator, freezer, or washing machine must be thoroughly cleaned and dried for at least three consecutive days before they are stored or moved.

Don’t put your items at risk if you aren’t sure about the pre-move treatment. Mold can spread easily from one item to another, and even small amounts can pose health risks when the machine is plugged back in at your new residence.

Family heirlooms and antique furniture

We can provide packing supplies that are sufficient to protect fragile items like heirloom frames, textiles, or decor. We treat furniture that has been handed down from generation to generation with great care.

Our moving team will provide padding and protection for heavy heirloom furniture such as wardrobes and dining tables. This reduces the chance of damage during transport and moving. Our moving team will load your precious heirlooms onto our trucks. If storage is required, our temperature-controlled storage facility can store your items in the same condition so they are ready to go in your new home.

Antique furniture is already subject to many years of exposure to different temperatures and conditions over its life span. You don’t want that to continue. It is crucial to ensure the survival of your antiques for the next generation by storing your artwork, heirloom furniture, and textiles in a place that can maintain strict temperature and moisture controls.

Wood and fabric are not the only materials that need special storage considerations. You may need climate-controlled storage for antique coins, copper artwork, silver tableware, and antique guns (minus ammo). All heirlooms made from metals or containing metals must be kept out of extreme temperatures and humidity. These pieces can quickly become damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity, which can cause them to rust in a very short time.


Although digital storage is now available for photos, many families still have old printed photos from before the digital age.

Photographs are particularly vulnerable to all types of damage caused by items that have been left uncontrolled. Your precious family memories can be damaged by heat, moisture, and freezing temperatures.

Photographs can curl up or change form if temperatures are too high. Photographs can become stuck together if they are placed on top of one another in high heat. Photographs can become permanently stuck together if they are exposed to moisture. These types of damage can be seen in small instances when you look through photos from your family that was stored in basements or attics.

If storage facilities aren’t adequately treated for insects, they can be a convenient place for them to nest.

Game room items: pinball machines, pool tables and home theater equipment

It can be difficult to move large or fragile items in a game room.

If a pool table isn’t properly maintained, it can cause irreparable damage to the felt and even lead to its breaking in half. Pinball machines and old arcade games have delicate internal systems that must be handled carefully.

These items can be moved by the following:

  • Proper planning would be done between you and your designated move coordinator before the day arrives.
  • Specialized equipment and padding
  • Placement of the truck in a tight spot

It is important to store these items in climate-controlled or temperature-controlled storage. Temperature and humidity can affect the feel of a pool table and the internal mechanics and controls of an arcade or pinball machine. Before storing these items in our warehouse, we make sure they are properly created.

How to find safe and secure storage and moving

Because we are both a global logistics provider and a commercial mover, we offer Personal organization experts and moving options for high-end and specialty items.

Companies across the country trust us to store and move their special items. This includes electronics, medicines, food, and sensitive products. Those high storages and moving standards are a benefit to our household goods customers.

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