The Simple Tips For Selecting Entrance Mat

Tips For Selecting Entrance Mat

Entrance mats not only make a lasting impression on visitors to your premises, but they serve a hugely practical purpose by reducing the amount of dust, dirt, and grime brought into your building.

When determining entrance mats, there are some important points to remember. These include safety, protection, and cleanliness. You can also create custom entrance mats that are suited to your specific location and reinforce your brand.

Safety First

First, consider the safety features that entrance matting must provide. It is important to reduce the risk of staff and visitors falling.

Absorbent mats reduce the water that is brought in from outside during rainy days and minimize the chance of accidents.

The exterior rubber scraper, bristle, and honeycomb mats are accessible surfaces that protect your property’s entrance. They also make it easy to transport.

Outdoor dirt trappers and barrier pads can also withstand the traffic strain but are safe for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Remember that a wheelchair revolution takes approximately 2.5m to remove dirt from the wheels onto an entrance mat.

Protecting your floors

Entrance mats are not only for the protection of you and your guests, but they can also protect your floors from any damage.

You should consider how much and what kind of traffic is coming into your establishment. Protecting against large footfall is a priority for retail and healthcare establishments, as well as schools, offices, and restaurants. These areas will be handling large volumes of traffic at the entry, so durable and heavy-duty mats should be used.

You can bring up to 80% of dirt, dust, and grime into buildings from the outside. Choose matting that will help to reduce this. It will pay off over the long term by reducing cleaning costs and labor costs while also protecting the floor surface at the building’s entrance.

A Healthier Choice. Hygienic, washable mats

Some dust components can cause allergies in some people. It is important to limit the amount of dust that enters a building. Even for healthcare facilities, polluting germs and germs that are carried indoors via shoes can cause problems.

To stop the flow of dirt, consider using dirt-trapping mats. Also, make sure to choose mats that are resistant to deep cleaning.

It is important to consider the size of your business

The largest mat you can afford and the most space is a good choice. People who step in too small will not be able to place their feet on the mat.

A large mat inside the house big enough to stand on while you remove them from your feet” is a great way to do so.

You can even turn your mat around and have it running in a portrait rather than landscape orientation to ensure that both feet make contact with the mat as many times as possible.

Many people use cut to size coir matting to carpet the entire floor of an enclosed porch and this is a brilliant way to ensure your mat is big enough.

Double protection with dual mating

Each entrance is unique so it is important to choose the right matting for you.

You can also choose a custom mat option. Combining indoor and outdoor mats will allow shoes to be cleaned and dried on both the outside and inside mats. However, they can then be cleaned and dried again once inside.

It is important to have fewer visitors walking through the dirt, muck, or grime and fewer slips and falls. You can have entrance mats customized to fit your space and budget.

A Warm Welcome Using Custom Logo Mats

Entrance mats are often the first thing people see when they arrive at your building. Printed logo floor mats can showcase your brand, or provide a welcome message as well as act as a durable and absorbent surface for visitors to wipe their feet on.

You can match your decor with color matting, or invest in logo mats to reinforce your brand. Wheel and trolley-friendly mats are essential for everyone’s safety.


These tips will help guide you in choosing the right entrance mat for your needs. We can provide advice on mats that are right for you or fast delivery of premium matting.

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