The Reasons Why Your Garment Quality is Lacking & How To Fix it

Fix Garment Quality Lacking

Every industry strives to create the best products it can, fashion and garments included. Quality control of garments is a constant problem for some and a problem for many manufacturers. To create the best garments you possibly can, let’s take a look at five reasons your garments’ quality is lacking and how you can fix it.


One cause of poor quality garments is a lack of consistent standards in your quality control. This is especially true for companies that are just starting and may not yet have a defined business model. This standard is important because it will allow you to compare the quality of the garments you produce to the ideal model. It will also reduce the amount of products that are returned to the manufacturer.

Solution: Develop a Quality Control Checklist to standardize the process.


A lot goes into sourcing raw materials for your garment operation. Although some people may feel the need to buy cheaply, it will end up costing more long-term if the materials you use are poor quality. Inherently, garments made from inferior materials will be less quality. Customers will notice this and often return less business. To make a better product people will love, it’s worth the extra expense.

Solution: Perform a Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) to inspect the raw materials.


Even if everything went smoothly on the production end, garments can still look shoddy and poor quality if they are damaged in shipping or handling. Because of the nature of package handling, some damage to boxes can be a problem. If your garments are often damaged straight out of the box, it is an indication that the people transporting them are being too rough.

Solution: Container Loading Supervision ensures safe transport and delivery


How you store your materials and finished products makes a big difference in what gets sold to customers. The fabrics used to make garments cannot be just thrown away. Material can be stained or discolored by dirt, dust, water, or other factors. This means that any item made from that material will also suffer those issues. It’s the same for finished garments that are not being shipped. Incorrect storage can lead to dirt, wrinkles, and other problems.

Solution: Conduct a factory audit to make sure they have a quality management system in place.


The way something is made can have an impact on how it turns out. Garments are not just made by magic. They are also sewn by humans and machines who work with raw materials. This leaves a lot of room for error. Poor stitching, uneven seams, jagged cuts, and so on. Ensuring that everyone is doing their best work and keeping mistakes to a minimum is a big part of quality control, as is reevaluating if your current production processes aren’t getting good results.

Solution: Ensure quality workmanship with a During Product Inspection (DUPRO).


Good products are essential for a successful business. Quality control is crucial. These areas can be used to identify the reason your garments aren’t working as they should and then make improvements. We at sewing Canada provide complete quality control to your garments.

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