The Essential Tips For Pre-Moving

Tips For Pre-Moving

Moving day is coming fast. Your excitement level is climbing and (hopefully) your to-do list is getting shorter. Chances are, you’re imagining the end line: your first night in your new home. Your very first coffee at your dining table. The first time you host buddies for supper. It’s easy to become caught up in the “after”, and many people forget about the “before”. That is why we’ve created this list of tips that will assist you to create a moving day much simpler.

Pack Strategically

Let us be sensible: even if you’ve got a professional mover to handle your packing and unpacking, it will still take some time before everything is in place. When you have some help unpacking or you are doing it yourself, you can give yourself some help in advance.

Here are some items to Think about for your box of essentials:

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Toilet Paper
  • Shower Supplies (including a towel!)
  • Bed Linens
  • Pajamas
  • Chargers and Cables
  • Silverware, Plate, and Cup
  • Pet Food and Dishes

There may be things that are not on this list that could be helpful for you. Think about what you are most likely to want on the initial day (or few days) and put them in this convenient box.

Create a List

No matter how “on top of it” you’re leading up to a moving day, it always becomes a small flutter of activity when things set in motion. Once the movers arrive and things start shifting from house to truck, it can feel like a small whirlwind. Help out yourself beforehand, and make a list of things to do on moving day.

Keep your list nearby as today approaches the play, so it’s possible to add items as they pop into your mind. Consider things like vacuuming when the movers leave, returning the keys to your landlord, and doing a final check for things you may have left behind. These may all look like clear things to do, but trust us, you will be pleased you set them on a list.

Strategy for Children

Your children will also be eager for moving day. The best option, however, is to let them celebrate with you all of the work that has been done. This usually means finding a friend or relative who might take them to the afternoon, keeping everyone safe while your items have been moved.

The days leading to the huge move may also be fun. Why not have a picnic in your new regional park? It will not just be a fun outing for these, but additionally, it will offer you an opportunity to relax a bit amongst all your functional to-do’s.

Collect Bits and Pieces

There are, naturally, a few tiny items that make a big difference to the flow of your movement on moving day. Things like getting your phone charged and make sure that you have your movers’ contact information are a good start. Gather a copy of your keys to your previous location, and the new one – so you’re not digging around in the afternoon. Using a copy of your contracts can also come in handy, in case any questions come up.

They’ll do a great deal of heavy lifting today and make certain your things arrive safely in your new residence. It’s great to show them how much you appreciate their hard work at the end of the day.

Keep a running record of All of the little things that Must get done

Particular moving-related jobs have a method of piling up when the truck is on its way. Did you take out those last trash bags? Clear off the gunk from the shower which you swore you would get to before leaving? Empty the fridge and freezer? These small but significant tasks often get pushed aside while you are focused on packing but might leave you scrambling at the last minute if you’re not careful. Instead of trying to recall all the little things you have to get done on moving day, maintain a running record that outlines everything you’ll need to do. This way you can prioritize your time and wake up a bit sooner if necessary so you have time to get everything done before you depart.

Have cash to tip your movers

If you hired a professional long distance moving company in Dallas, you are going to want to be sure to have cash available on moving day for tips. You might wish for a little bit more cash available in the event you are blown away by the service. Tipping movers is not necessarily required, but it’s highly appreciated. And since you can not tip by check or credit card, having cash is the best way to go.

Do your last walkthrough

Anything you leave behind might be tricky to get back, and thus do a thorough walk-through of your home and keep a lookout for anything you might have forgotten. Open all of your cabinets and check every single one of your closets (including the very springs of shelves) to ensure anything you want to take with you’re packaged and ready to go.

There’s always a bit of a struggle to shift. Should you need to, then ask a friend to come to give you a hand just on moving day itself even if you’ve got movers doing all of the challenging labor it’s still amazingly beneficial to have another set of eyes in your to-do list.

Have a look at our extra transferring tips for everything you want to learn to take the stress out of your relocation (at least as much as possible).

How you manage moving day (and the days leading up to it) will influence your very first day in your new home. Make sure you think about what you will need to be comfortable as you get settled, which everyone involved is on precisely the same schedule. Get your essentials sorted, and let our professional movers handle the rest. Get a quote from Flatrate, and we’ll get you moving!

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