The Definitive Guide on Fine Art Packing & Shipping

Fine Art

This blog shares our tips on antique packaging, shipping, and art.

When it comes to shipping fine art or antiques, it is unlikely you will find a regular courier that is willing to handle the item. You will find that they often have fragile and expensive items on their prohibited lists. If you attempt to ship such an item, your insurance won’t cover it.

It is best to ship fragile or valuable items via a specialist shipping service.

Professional Art And Antiques Packaging And Shipping

Our professional server includes custom-built vehicles with satellite tracking and communications and a team specially trained to handle fine art and antiques. You can feel safe knowing that your antiques or art will be delivered to you as promised.

As an added protection measure, we can provide soft wrap packaging upon request. If you are unable to prepare the art or antiques yourself, it is best to ship them in a rigid container.

These cardboard boxes can be purchased for a reusable amount by many companies and are available in double- or triple-walled construction. Another option is to use foldable plywood boxes. These boxes are lightweight and strong enough to be used for air freight.

You will need to pack your hardshell carefully once you have it. This will ensure that the item remains safe inside the box.

We also recommend other special packaging materials:

  • Stratocell foam Multipurpose closed-cell polyethylene foam sheet for extra padding
  • Tissue that is acid-free Wrap delicate items such as jewelry and precious metals that are susceptible to tarnish.
  • Whitecap tissue Use this to wrap smaller items
  • Reusable polystyrene loosefill Use it to fill boxes with items.
  • Bubble film with air cap seal Extra padding can be added with this product

This guide is only a guide to help you secure your valuable items. We can also provide more detailed advice when you contact us about moving fine art or antiques.

Paintings on paper and fine art prints, as well as antiques and other original art, are high-value, high-risk freight. They must be packed and shipped with care. This means that you must use the most efficient and successful shipping methods to protect the value of these valuables while they are being transported.

Professional art shipping companies are trained to meet the safety standards for shipping valuable art. What should an artist, or owner of fine art, ship less valuable works? Here are some tips to help you safely pack and ship art. These tips will help you learn the basics quickly and avoid making the same mistakes as many amateurs.

These tips and guidelines can help you solve shipping problems quicker and smarter. However, they won’t guarantee success if you don’t follow them carefully. Before you start, you need to be aware of how stress can be minimized. It can be difficult to ship artworks, and it requires patience and precision. You must be mentally and physically ready to succeed. To avoid any mishaps, take your time and follow the instructions.

Small fragile items

Family photos and small mirrors are often overlooked in the packing process. They must be packed carefully to avoid any damage during the move. To protect your items, wrap them individually in bubble wrap or plain brown paper. Next, wrap the items in bubble wrap/plain brown paper and foam padding. Then insert them vertically into a cardboard box.


Because antiques are more fragile, it can be more difficult for you to pack them. Wrap the antique in foam padding and make sure it molds to your exact specifications. Pay attention to delicate areas. Wrap the antique with bubble wrap, then pack it in its box.

Expert assistance

These tips can help you protect fragile items during a move. However, many people prefer to hire a professional firm to pack their most precious items for them. We have a wealth of experience in fine arts and antique shipping, offering a comprehensive packing service to ensure all your belongings arrive at their destination in one piece.

All your precious possessions are handled with the utmost care. The nationwide white glove delivery service will make sure you move into your new home as soon as possible. For more information, contact our team.

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