The Common Things To Keep in Mind While Selecting Food Display Case

Food Display Case

Display cases can serve many purposes. Display cases can be used to entice customers into making purchases, but also make it easy for them to view what’s on hand and grab what they need. It doesn’t matter what type or size of food service business you have, it is important to find a showcase that suits your budget and needs.

You should consider many factors, including the types of display cases used for food service.

Non-Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

These allow you to display your creations and give customers an easy way for them to make their choices.

Non-refrigerated models are ideal for displaying your freshly-baked items that shouldn’t be stored in moist climates, such as:

  • Bread
  • Bagels
  • Some baked desserts

These cases are ideal for baking fresh items daily. They should be kept at room temperature.

Display case for refrigerator

They are a great choice for restaurants, bakeries, and other foodservice establishments as they allow you to showcase foods that you might not be able to in a dry container.

For example, a refrigerated bakery display case can show off your most delicious-looking cakes and pies. Rotating units can be used by restaurants to make a stunning, eye-catching display for customers to choose their desserts.

There are two choices when it comes to choosing a refrigerated food display box:

  • Gravity coil: These units are equipped with a refrigeration coil at their top that can cool food from above. These units are great for seafood, deli items, meats, and even salads.
  • Forced air: They use fans to circulate cool air through the unit. These are the best choice for bakery products and packaged goods. Some items can dry out because of the movement of air throughout the cabinet.

You can use a bakery refrigerated display box in almost any restaurant to showcase your sweet treats.

Deli Case

It’s designed to showcase and store meats, particularly cold cuts. These are often found in fast-service restaurants, sandwich shops, and delis.

They have multiple shelves to store a variety of meats and make it easy for customers to see what’s available. Single shelves are also available, which can be used to store and sell deli sides.

Display cases heated

There are units that have refrigeration and units that have heaters.

A glass food warmer display case can be used for a variety of applications, from countertop pizza storage to concession cases. You can find them with or without humidity to suit your food storage and presentation requirements.

These items are great for self-serve buffets, and they can be a time-saver for restaurant kitchens. These items keep food at the right temperature so they can be used for cooking ahead of time. Your kitchen can stay productive and provide guests with fast service.


There are many options when it comes to restaurant showcases. The most common choices are glass, acrylic, and clear plexiglass.

Display Case for Glass

Many units are made of glass so customers can see the food clearly. They are durable and beautiful. This type has the greatest concern: fragility.

Tempered glass can be a great compromise. A tempered refrigerated glass case allows you to enjoy the beauty of glass with greater durability.

Acrylic Display Case

Acrylic models are the safest option when it comes to safety. Acrylic is stronger and more likely to break than glass, which is fragile.

Acrylic can be used to prevent customers from damaging your self-serve bakery models by causing dangerous glass-shattering accidents.

Acrylic is stronger than glass but also lighter and clearer. The subtle green tint of glass can affect the customer’s perception of the food. This is fine for packaged meats and baked goods, but acrylic is more appealing for bakery displays.

A plexiglass case is light and easy to open to allow customers to take items out.

Acrylic cases are also more flexible so you can create unique and appealing designs for your establishment.


Another important consideration when choosing a food display case is its size. It should be able to hold all the items you need, without taking up too much floor space or in the kitchen.

Measure your space and make sure you have an accurate estimation of the amount of space that your food will require.

Although you may think that you will need a larger one, it may not be true. Display cases are often used to display items that have a short shelf life. A small display case may be better because of this. You will be able to save space and money on energy.

A larger unit may be necessary if your deli offers many different types of meat, cheeses, and prepared foods. Cold cuts have a shorter shelf life than fresh-baked pies, but they will last longer in your food display. Low-profile varieties are available from many manufacturers. This is an option for those who need to display a large number of foods in a limited space.

Shelving and Lighting

You want your presentation to showcase your food. Therefore, you should choose shelves and lighting options that are attractive. It all depends on what you are trying to display.

Sandwich displays might only have one shelf while a salad display case has multiple shelves that can show off all topping options.

Tiered food display coolers will increase your vertical space as well as visibility.

You must consider the type of shelves in your cabinet, as well as the number and arrangement of shelves. For meat and deli items, metal wire shelving is the best choice. Acrylic is better for commercial bakeries.

Many refrigerated showcases offer lighting options. Some bulbs have special bulbs that enhance certain food colors, such as pastries or red meat. The top may have lighting, or the shelving may also have lighting.


There are a variety of styles available for showcases, including straight and curved versions.

Because it maximizes the viewing space, a curved display case is a good choice for countertops or bakery use. It allows customers to view each item individually and choose the one that interests them.

Straight display cases are ideal for fresh meat displays or delis. You can still show all the items to your customers, but it saves space.

It is important to carefully consider your style options and find one that suits your brand and space.

Last but not least, consider maintenance, cleaning, as well as colors. The one that best matches the interior of your establishment and is easy to clean by the staff. At restaurant supply fort worth you can find varieties of restaurant equipment in our catalog. We have a wide range of commercial restaurant equipment available at an affordable price.

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