Know These Common Passport Application Mistakes

Passport Application Mistakes

Are you planning to travel but don’t yet have a passport?

It can be frustrating to apply for a passport. A simple mistake can quickly lead to your application being rejected. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dream of traveling to exotic destinations. You can avoid making errors on your application forms.

In this post, we’ll cover seven of them. Common mistakes made by passport applicants when applying for their passports. You can avoid the hassle and obtain your passport quickly.

Let’s get started!

Misspellings and Typos for Passport Application

Typos and misspellings are two of the biggest mistakes in passport applications. It’s easy for passport applications to be filled online and misspelled.

A common typo is to list your birthday as 1990 rather than 1909.

This can be especially true if your hand isn’t used to typing or you are in a hurry to submit your application.

Make sure you read the entire application before submitting it.

Approved Passport Photograph

It can lead to a poor-quality image if you take it using your iPhone.

Chances are that even if your professional camera is used, you will still make mistakes.

It is possible to use the wrong background color. You might also have your head too small. Your passport photo may be rejected if your head is too large or small concerning the background.

Have someone take a picture of you that meets US Passport Photo requirements in either a Photo App or visit a local store.

Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

You will need either a legal certified or original copy of your birth certificate to apply for a passport.

Digital copies or photos are not accepted. One of the most common problems applicants face when applying for a passport is submitting one of these.

You must also submit the long-form certificate of birth. This type of birth certificate also includes the full names of your parents.

Hospital certificates are no birth certificates, and your application will be denied.

Send a certified copy of a long-form birth certificate.

Questions about Passport Application Payment

Your application fee must be submitted in the correct amount and at the right place.

Use the correct payment method. These include money orders, certified checks, or cashier’s checks. You can’t pay in cash, or with a debit or credit card.

Checks should not be starter checks. The check must have the applicant’s name pre-printed. Also, ensure that you write your birth date on the check.

You must make sure you pay the correct person. All payments must go to the “US Department of the State”.

Use a check to send money.

Make sure to include the correct amount. It will depend on whether you are renewing or getting a new passport.

Ensure payment is correct, by viewing our Passport Application Costs

Application for a Minor or Child Passport

For minors applying for passports, there are special requirements.

First, both the parent and child must be present. When submitting applications, they must also complete a DS-11 form.

To prove parental relationships, parents must also present legal documents. This is typically a certified long-form birth certificate. Parents must also present photo identification.

Last but not least, both parents must approve the issuance of a child’s passport.

All other documents and information required for the application form of your child must be submitted.

Remember that children’s passports are only valid for five years. This type of passport cannot be renewed.

Child Support Payments

Your passport application will be denied if you owe more than $2,500 in child support payments. Before you apply for a passport, it is best to ensure that all child support payments have been made in full.

Signature Errors on the Passport Application

Always use a black, red, or blue pen when signing forms. Any other color pen will be rejected.

Make sure to sign your name correctly. Sign your nickname.

Your signature should match that on your passport and government identification. Your application could be denied if your IDs are not compatible.

If you have altered your signature style, you might need to sign with the original signature. Match your signatures to ensure that they match.

Make sure you sign your application and also ensure the signature itself is like your driver’s license and/or prior passport.

Applying for your Passport on Your Own

One mistake and your application will be rejected. Some professionals can help you.

Rather than worrying about making a mistake on your application, let Expedited Passport in Houston help you with your passport application.

Our experts will guide you through the application process to make sure it is smooth, efficient, and successful.

Before you submit your application, we will review it to make sure there aren’t any mistakes.

We will inform you if there are errors and work with you to correct them.

You don’t want to miss that dream trip you have been planning for months. Get to your destination with confidence by using our passport and visa services.

Conclusion: Common Passport Mistakes

  • It can be difficult to get your passport.
  • A single mistake could delay your trip for weeks, or even cause it to be canceled.
  • You shouldn’t let this discourage you from making the trip of your dreams.
  • You should be able to get your passport without any errors if you follow the tips.
  • Don’t waste more time. Start your application to get the amazing trip you deserve.

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