Know The Reasons of Your Air Duct Sweating

Air Duct Sweating

In areas with high humidity or extreme heat, air conditioning is essential. Outdoor temperatures can reach 120F and higher once Summer arrives. These record-breaking temperatures can cause your HVAC unit to work harder to cool the house. You may notice water leaking from your HVAC system’s ducts during scorching heat days. Do you wonder if this is a common occurrence? Air duct sweating is the term for moisture that’s emitted from vents. There are many reasons water may be leaking from your ducts. In today’s blog air duct cleaning mckinneytx, we will explain what causes it and what you can do to stop it.

Too Much Moisture in The Air

The air ducts will sweat more if the home is humid. There are several ways to reduce humidity or moisture in your home.

  • Use a humidifier
  • Increase the temperature of the ducts. If the room temperature is 70 degrees, raise the A/C to 75. This will prevent moisture from entering your home.
  • Seal any cracks in basement or attic to allow air to escape
  • Inspect the plumbing and pipes for leaks.
  • Insulation with Air Duct

Mold and mildew thrive in an environment that is characterized by excessive sweating from the air ducts. Upper respiratory infections and other serious illnesses are more common in those with asthma or breathing problems.

We can assist homeowners who feel stuck after trying these techniques.

Filled Air Ducts

Homeowners should clean their HVAC units every three to five year, depending on where they live and how frequently they are used.

Clogged ducts can restrict airflow and cause cold ventilation to build up, which in turn causes air duct sweating. Contact us to resolve your clogged pipes.

Dirty air filters

Dirty filters can reduce airflow and cause duct swelling. To maintain proper airflow throughout your home, clean and change your filters frequently. A professional or homeowner should replace your air filters every 2 to 3 month.

What can we do to stop ductwork sweating from happening?

Choose flexible, fiberglass, and insulated materials over metal to avoid duct condensation or duct leaking. Make sure you have fiberglass insulation properly wrapped around metal ducts. Although a snug fit is important, insulation wrapped too tight will reduce sweating.

To prevent excessive duct condensation, you can also follow these steps.

  • Your air ducts should be kept at a lower humidity level. Space ducts apart to allow air flow between them. Cover crawl spaces beneath your house with soil to keep ducts dry. If your ducts are in an attic, make sure they are properly insulated. A dehumidifier is a good option if you live in a consistently humid area.
  • Clear any obstructions in the airflow and make sure they are regularly cleaned . If air is not able to circulate freely through your A/C system it will become colder in certain ducts. This can increase the possibility of ductwork sweating.
  • Make sure to clean your air filters and change them often. It is recommended to replace your filters every one-to three months. However, you can follow the instructions provided with each air filter that you buy. You may need to replace the filter more frequently if you have pets or someone living in your home who has allergies to dust.
  • Repair leaking ducts. Condensation will develop when there is more cold air than usual. A pressure gauge can be used to detect leakage or you can simply touch the duct with your finger to check for air escape.

Dangers Of Condensation In Ductwork

Let’s suppose your ductwork is located in your attic. Your attic insulation will be less efficient at controlling temperatures because condensation can drip onto it. A ceiling leak can also be caused by condensation. This not only looks bad, but it can also cause the drywall to rot and eventually collapse. Mold growth is another issue to be aware of since mold thrives in humid, wet areas.

Get in touch with an Air Duct Cleaner

Maintaining a household is an overwhelming and difficult task. Our skilled team of air duct cleaners will solve your ventilation problems and reduce your workload. We provide duct cleaning services that are suitable for all types of homes, including commercial and residential. You can rest assured knowing that you can trust a certified company. Contact us online if you have any questions or concerns about your air-ducts.

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