How to Buy Used Restaurant Equipment at Auction

Used Restaurant Equipment at Auction

The restaurant business can be grueling – long hours, hard work, and also a big financial investment. Nevertheless, it’s also extremely rewarding.

Purchasing inventory and the essential equipment to operate your business can get expensive. That’s why purchasing used restaurant equipment in the auction is an awesome way to save.

You’ll want to be certain the equipment you purchase is in good working condition. Here we will cover everything you need to know about buying used restaurant equipment such as what to look for and how much to spend.

Let’s get started.

Things to Consider

Though many commercial kitchens want the basic cooking equipment such as a toaster, cooker, and tables, you need to think about a few things prior to making any purchases.

  • Your Menu

This is among the most important things to consider when choosing what restaurant equipment you want. Certain menus need certain types of equipment.

Are you a hamburger and fry combined? Deep fryers are a must! They’ll allow you to cook french fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and other delicious treats. A flattop brill or barbecue grate is just another good investment for cooking burgers.

If you’re a sandwich shop, a Panini press and plenty of open-top refrigerators to hold all of the “fixings” are two staple items.

  • Your Space

Space is a big factor when thinking about any sort of equipment or furniture purchase, even for your house. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect sofa or dresser to just find it is too big for the intended space.

Make sure you measure all of your walls and flooring and only purchase equipment that will properly fit your workspace.

  • Think Outside the Box (Floor)

Alternatives for buying used restaurant supplies go past just what matches your flooring.

Many commercial kitchens use range hoods, exhaust fans, and vents. These hoods are employed in kitchens which cook a lot of meats and other items that create excess steam or smoke that needs venting.

If you store cooking supplies and items on shelves or in cabinets connected to the walls, so you can easily get these items used. Plus, wear and tear won’t be an issue.

Shelves and cabinets are a fantastic way to save countertops space. It’s the perfect place to get a halogen toaster, toaster oven, or blender.

Pros of Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

So now that you know what type of equipment to look for, let us discuss what makes a smart investment.

  • Cost

The most obvious advantage of buying used restaurant equipment versus new is your cost. Anything that’s used depreciates.

That means that an oven or cooker you would buy brand new for thousands of dollars might be purchased used for a fraction of the cost. But just like buying anything else used, be sure to view the item on-site before agreeing to a price. Main Auction Services Inc. provides you new and used restaurant supply in Fort Worth TX at the most affordable prices.

This ensures that you are getting what you pay for and that the picture or thing in question is precisely what you need, need, and expect. Another benefit of seeing the item in person is the chance to haggle in cost.

If the vendor is looking to get rid of their used equipment, there’s a good chance they might take a few dollars off the initial cost discussed.

  • Gently Used

Sadly enough, because a fair number of restaurants neglect — like 59 percent in the first 3 years — the equipment found in most kitchens is gently used. With minimum depreciation, it means you’ve got the chance to purchase almost new equipment for a used price tag.

Some things to look for when inspecting used restaurant equipment is rust, missing or broken parts, and discolorations. Most things should be fairly obvious to the naked eye. If the equipment is less than a year old, then you may even receive a guarantee to go with it!

Cons of Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

Buying anything used comes with a certain element of danger. Let’s have a look.

  • Lack of Warranty

Remember how we said that most wear and tear on used restaurant equipment is visible by the naked eye? It’s, however, there are some problems which may not be so obvious before you begin using the equipment.

Electrical issues for things that plugin, faulty lighters on oven stoves or ranges, and other practical errors may happen once the items are purchased and set up.

Possessing a guarantee on a new piece of cooking equipment signifies it’ll be fixed or replaced at no expense to you, though you might need to pay for the initial guarantee.

  • Additional Costs

Because your used equipment likely won’t include a guarantee, if something goes wrong the cost to repair it falls upon you. Based on the form of equipment, repairs can be extremely costly.

If the cost to purchase a piece of used restaurant equipment and potential repairs can cost you almost as much as purchasing a new item, it is probably in your best interest to buy new.

Other Things to Consider

Although the basic components to consider when buying used restaurant equipment are price, condition, and need, there are a few other items to take into consideration.

  • The Brand

Like with all things in life, the brand of your restaurant equipment plays a huge role in how much time it will last and how well it can operate.

Try to buy used equipment from brands like Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, and Frigidaire. These items are often built to survive and do just that!

  • The Utilization

There are particular types of restaurant equipment that endure up to repeated usage better than many others.

Purchasing any type of stainless steel items such as tables, shelves, meat slicers or mixers is a practical investment. Even convection ovens and stoves generally wear well.

Things to be a bit more cautious of include dishwashers, ice machines, or other equipment that uses water, as lime build-up and rust may be an issue.

  • Make Smart Purchases

The key to purchasing any type of items that are used, especially restaurant equipment is to do your research first. Attempt not to impulse buy.

Measure your workspace and inspect your equipment on-site before making an offer. It is important to know exactly what you’re buying and that you’re buying from.

You’re now prepared to attend restaurant equipment auction like Main Auction Services, Inc and make sensible, researched purchases.

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