Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company: 10 Questions to Ask

Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is not an easy task, though, if you do it correctly, you can land a janitorial company that you could build a mutually beneficial partnership with for a long time to come.

Still, there are so many variables and so many distinct sizes and types of cleaning companies that finding the best one for your facility can be an overwhelming procedure. Making this difficult process even harder is the fact that far too many commercial cleaning businesses will say almost anything to get your small business. However, what if there were ten easy questions you could ask potential cleaning organizations to distinguish the fakers from the shining stars?

“Imagine if there were ten easy questions you could ask prospective cleaning companies to separate the fakers from the shining stars?”

Below we’ve gathered the ten most critical questions you should ask before selecting a commercial cleaning business. Whether you’re looking for an office cleaning company, college cleaning company, industrial cleaning firm, day porter cleaning solutions or much more, these questions will allow you to figure out whether a commercial cleaning business is set up to supply you with excellent service at a cost that offers you real value.

Question –1 How many years have you been in business and what accounts do you service with a business similar to mine?

Every company has to begin somewhere but do you want your facility to function as a training ground to your newly minted commercial cleaning business? Experience matters and skilled businesses are just better at what they do. Sure enthusiasm counts, but it can’t make up for a lack of experience. So contact Janitorial Service in Dallas to get the best commercial cleaning with both enthusiastic about what they do and a good history of success.

“Enthusiasm counts but it cannot make up for a lack of experience.”

Similarly, does your potential commercial cleaning company in Dallas have outstanding experience working with balances very similar to yours? You need a cleaning services company with enough experience under their belt and also the willingness and know-how to take what they already know and understand what you need to customize their support to you.

Question –2 How do you screen your employees?

Any Janitorial services firm should at a minimum screen applicant for medication use and verify that they do not have a criminal background. But even better, the best commercial office cleaning business will work hard to search for applicants that are a fantastic fit. This can be accomplished through personality testing. Furthermore, verifying previous employment and assessing references may go a very long way to building a great team.

When your potential janitorial company takes shortcuts screening employees, they put you, your employees, your reputation, and your facility in danger.

Question –3 What kind of training do your employees receive?

Following your office cleaning company has hired a suitable applicant, they will need to give that individual the tools they have to deliver very good service to you and your facility. This implies comprehensive training designed to help cleaners always deliver good support. And beyond basic training, if you are in search of medical cleaning, industrial cleaning, or school cleaning, then your commercial janitorial services should supply their workers with training specifically geared toward your type of facility.

Question –4 How do you inspire and manage your teams?

Following your Dallas area commercial cleaning company attracts good candidates and then trains them, they need to manage and motivate them. Success in the cleaning company is mainly a function of what kind of workers a housekeeping service has and how they feel about their people in general.

“Success at the cleaning business is mainly a function of what type of workers a housekeeping service has and how they feel about their people in general.”

Question –5 Are you insured?

Not only should your office cleaning company be insured, but they also ought to ensure that you’re protected. What four types of coverage if your commercial cleaning company have? All these are general liability, workers’ compensation, auto liability, and an umbrella policy.

You should verify coverage to be able to offer you peace of mind that your commercial office cleaning company is adequately protected.

Question –6 Will the same cleaner or cleaners always maintain my facility?

Not only do you not need a steady flow of new folks in and from your facility, but also a long-term cleaner comes to understand your facility along with your specific requirements and so provides a more responsive clean. Most great Dallas area commercial cleaning businesses have floaters or highly trained cleaners who can provide service when your regular cleaner or cleaning team is out either on scheduled holiday or ill. But generally, you shouldn’t have a continual parade of new faces. The very best cleaning companies hire and keep great people.

Question –7 What’s your employee turnover percentage?

Part of continuity with people is your Janitorial services company turnover percentage. Were you aware the industry average is almost 200%? Yes, turnover will be higher in the reduced service jobs but many housekeeping services have been in a position to create practices and systems that help keep good people and thus lower turnover. What’s your perspective commercial cleaning services in Dallas doing to keep their turnover numbers low?

“With janitorial turnover hovering about 200%, Start looking for cleaning businesses with dramatically lower turnover and you’ll find the quality and value of what you’re getting to go up dramatically.”

Question –8 What kind of quality control tests do you utilize to assure reliability through accountability?

The gold standard for quality management in the cleaning industry is janitorial reviews. Janitorial testimonials bridge the gap between a facility supervisor and a cleaning company. And the best office cleaning companies not only make liberal usage of verifiable inspections, but they utilize technology such as programs, reporting, and software to convey the data gleaned from janitorial inspections quickly and also to the ideal people to correct your ceremony or handle a problem immediately.

Question –9 Which type of green cleaning program do you have?

With green cleaning, there is a focus on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and health and security. Basic green clean practices can contain things like appropriate chemical storage, disposal, and tagging. Truly every commercial cleaning company should do this but it is surprising just how many neglect these important practices. Likewise, good green practices can include restricting the disposal of plastic trash liners by reusing them if they’re undamaged and not filled with liquid or food. This easy practice alone saves cash and limits the quantity of plastic trash your facility generates.

Likewise, using hand towels and toilet paper using a Significant proportion of recycled or recyclable material, cleaning with microfiber rags as opposed to disposable paper recycling and towels are more eco-friendly. Taking it a step further, does your cleaning company use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners and other equipment that helps decrease indoor air pollution? Similarly, the greenest equipment can also lower noise emissions, enhance energy use, and decrease the excess use of cleaning solutions.

Question #10 Are you currently CIMS Certified?

Asking a potential commercial janitorial service whether they’re CIMS certified is the single most important question you can ask. Why? Because CIMS certification ensures that a prospective Commercial janitorial service has a proven track record of following industry best practices that are proven to deliver consistent, responsive, effective cleaning.

CIMS certification, (Certified Industry Management Standard). This CIMS certification shows a commercial cleaning company’s loyal devotion to their industry and reveals they meet the very highest standards set forth by the very best of the best in their industry.


There are almost unlimited options out there in regards to picking a commercial cleaning company and yet, a lot of choices can make the process harder rather than easier. Still, if you ask the ideal questions, you may take at least a few of the guesswork from finding a quality Allied Facility Care and find the right janitorial services company to partner with to deliver quality services to your facility.

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